About Us


The Brand Turned Into Reality by Two 20-Year-Old Dreamers

Istanbul Handicraft Center was founded 45 years ago by 2 friends who had begun their professional careers and become acquainted with each other at Net Holding situated in Nur-u Osmaniye, the major touristic shopping district of those times. At the building where they had begun to work, the two friends, named İbrahim and Yakup, founded the now-20-year-old brand ‘Handicraft’ enjoying both the experience they had acquired in the industry by having worked for several companies during a time span of 15 years, and the know-how they had obtained from their families in the field of jewellery and carpets. Aiming at a worldwide promotion, they have proceeded with the bringing together under the roof of Istanbul Handicraft Center all the products contained in the 4-floor store, ranging from jewellery and chinaware to carpets woven by master hands of Anatolia, all custom designed.


Istanbul Handicraft Center

Istanbul Handicraft Center is one of the respected carpet providing companies of Turkey. Our two buildings are located in heart of Grand Bazaar, on the Nuruosmaniye street In our both stores, we present wide collection of old and contemporary Turkish Carpets and fine Turkish flat weaves.


About Our Quality

The special collection of Istanbul Handicraft Center which are on sale in our premises that replicates the handmade carpets and kilims currently displayed in Turkish and World Carpet Museums has won America’s Magnificent Carpet Award in 2008 and 2009.


Istanbul Guide

If you have ever visited our beautiful city,and want to refresh your memories,or planing to visit and wondering what is awaiting you,you are only one click away. Please contact us. info@istanbulhandicraftcenter.com